Launch of the Phyllis Rosalie


This is a lovely photo of the launch of the commercial trawler Phyllis Roalie by Smiths Dock Company, South Bank-on-Tees on 15 January 1934 by the Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Company Limited, based at Fleetwood.


In 1935 she set a number of records for catches landed at Fleetwood and was present at HM King George V's Silver Jubilee Spithead Review, representing the port of Fleetwood. She was sold later that year to the Admiralty, who converted her into an anti-submarine warfare trawler. They classed her and a number of other trawlers as the Gem Group, and the name Amethyst was selected.


Sadly, she was sunk in the second year of World War II.


This photo was produced by W. Haig Parry Photographer of Middlesborough, UK. It has been framed and on the back has a stamp John Leech, Art Dealer, Auckland.


An interesting & historic piece.


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