Cane Lobster Pot



These cane lobster pots are hand made here in Australia. They are new.


These would look fantastic hanging on the wall, used for lighting above a kitchen island or dining room, out on the patio, in the kids room - anywhere! Or maybe a lovely decorative piece in the garden.


Measures: approx 55-60cm diameter, 32-36cm high, opening diameter 18cm.


Weighs approx 2 kilos. We currently have none in stock but can order on request.


Shipping has been calculated for the coastal areas of Queensland & NSW from Noosa to Mackay and down to Sydney. If you are located outside these areas, please contact us for a custom quote or we will contact you with the difference in shipping if there is any.  Due to size of the pot, the shipping costs vary from $32-$60 in other areas of Australia.

lobster pot


  • 4.01 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1