Glass Floats in Net - set of 5


Great decor for the coastal or country home. These are originals not reproductions and are more than 40-years old. They were once used by fisherman from Hokkaido Island, Japan and these ones were interchanged with Hokkaido rollers. (we stock these too) to support fishing nets out at sea.


Measure 5-6cm in diameter - a bit bigger than a golf ball & a little smaller than a tennis ball. These vary in shades of aqua blue/green.  Nets are originals and will also vary in colours.


The Japanese began using recycled glass to make fishing floats around 1910 & continued until the early 1970's. Today, glass floats are no longer produced for fishing as they have been replaced by plastic ones. Vintage glass floats have now become highly sought after as collector’s items.


Ideas for decor - to hang on the Christmas tree, can be placed in a bowl or a clam shell to create a wonderful coastal vintage look in your home. We have a collection in this size in stock. 


You will receive 5 floats with nets.


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