Glass Float Marker Buoy


An amazing very old Japanese glass float marker buoy. This would make an amazing feature piece inside, outside on the deck, or displayed in a shop, bar or cafe.


This Japanese glass fishing float marker buoy came from a an ex-fisherman here in Australia who had found it out at sea a few decades ago. A marker buoy was placed at the end of the line so fisherman could see where the end of the  line was when out at sea.


It has a glass float in the middle, is weighted in the bottom and the top has a light that was once illuminated at night.


The glass is a beautiful blue colour that has been well weathered by the ocean. The netting is intact and very good condition for its age. The piece is very hard to find and doesn't come by very often.


measures approx 137cm high, 48cm wide


Shipping varies from region to region. The cost of shipping charged on this is for certain parts of the East Coast. We will contact you if the shipping costs is more.


If you are overseas, please contact us for a quote. We shipped our last one to Canada and it was received within 4 working days.


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